Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Up and down

Steve was particularly worn out last week. He worked a long day Tuesday, came home exhausted and worked from home Wednesday. He worked a long day Thursday, came home exhausted and worked from home Friday.

Last week's blood work showed his white blood cell counts were back in range, probably indicating that his respiratory infection was resolving. His red counts were out of range just a bit, on the low side, indicating anemia. Chemo-induced anemia is common. After all, the chemo drugs are trying to convince cells to stop reproducing. When the red cell count is down, your body is more tired. We're anxious to receive today's lab results, hoping that a week off of chemo allowed his red cells more time and freedom to run wild.

Thankfully there aren't any new symptoms -- just continuation of the oldies, such as double vision, no gag reflex, weakened limbs, fatigue.

Steve hasn't driven a car since December, and after months of consideration, we decided to become a one-car family. We've sold my little SUV to my sister Melane and Steve's car to Aunt Ami for her younger daughter to drive. And Friday we bought a beautiful blue minivan, which should provide years free of car trouble worries, comfort for Steve the passenger, room for Cooper and Katie's friends to tag along. We continue to pray that Steve's vision and strength will return, and then we'll celebrate by buying a second car!

Steve and I continue to be humbled by the care, prayers and support you all provide. Thanks for sticking with us through this journey.

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Chitnis and Chahal said...

Steve and Tyra, congrats on your new minivan, which brand did you buy? We got a sienna recently and are loving it.
Here is a link I found on the web. You already know about most of this but thought I should send it in your direction. I can see you haven't been blogging that much compared to before, but I am sure you have been really busy.
Would love to come see you guys, have some family in town till saturday. Perhaps sunday if you guys aren't too busy, let me know.
I am waiting to hear from your neighbor, let her know she can call me anytime.
Love to the kids.