Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cooper sings

The music therapist who works with Cooper and Katie every other week encouraged Cooper to write and sing a song about Steve.

Before her visit this week, Cooper made a list of words that remind him of Daddy. Lisa helped him transform those words into a fun song. He gave me permission to share with a caveat: He asks that no one laugh at the first few seconds of his performance. (He didn't realize that "the camera was rolling.")

I love it! My two favorite moments are the fingers used for counting -- especially for six -- and the use of the word "scrumptious."


Anonymous said...

Love the sweet and goofy innocence that comes with being 8 years old! So proud of him for coping in such a meaningful way! What a gift! You know Steve is smiling, holding his hand over his heart!

Jen Mango

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine Steve's pride when he sees this. In fact, I picture him showing the video to all his pals in heaven, saying, "Look what my son has done!" What a beautiful project.

Sending you all love,
Mary G

Laura said...

Fabulous, Cooper. I love it! By the way, do I need to send this child a TCU shirt? :)

sharon grigsby said...

Steve is loving all of this -- and probably even forgiving that SMU shirt given that one of his three favorite people in the world is wearing it!

(Of course this reminds me that Cooper needs a University of Texas shirt!)

Seriously, he has clearly inherited Steve's love of performance and his fabulous voice!

Great imagination in your lyrics, Cooper!

Marci said...

Oh my goodness, that is too wonderful! I love the "yeah!" and camera point at the end. Very creative and tender-hearted too.

Alicia and Mike said...

My heart is touched, thank you for sharing.