Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Guest blogger Liz: Cheer for the Run for Steve runners!

The White Rock Marathon is just days away!

The Run for Steve runners have been getting ready for the big race Sunday, but even if you aren't running you can still be involved. As many runners will tell you, seeing a smiling face and hearing cheers can do wonders.

Check this link at dallasnews.com for a great map of the course. It will help you find a location for cheering on the team.

Two very special runners, Tyra and Steve's brother Jim, will be among the many runners on a Run for Steve relay team this year. For anyone interested, Tyra will be running the first segment (miles 1 through 6) and Jim will be running the last (miles 20-26). Check the map for the relay point locations.

Please come out and help us show our support for our dearly missed, good friend Steve!

-- Liz

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