Sunday, December 13, 2009

White Rock: Quick version

Part of the team gathered early Sunday morning: (top row, from left) Clay, Sharon, Allison, Jim, Will, Sally, Paul; (bottom row, from left) Carlin, Tyra, Liz and Holly.

The Run for Steve runners rocked the Rock today!

Our group covered all the races -- full, half and relay. This year's Run for Steve shirt (inspired by Fletch, conceived by Will, designed by Layne and printed by the Lovells) was all over the course and on the sidelines.

I ran faster than usual, partly because there were friendly faces along my six-mile route and mostly because I was thinking of sweet Stevie D. The simple phrase "Run for Steve" has so much meaning -- because he can't any more but we can, because we are healthy and able, because his short life was joyful and filled with contagious love.

Thanks to everyone who ran, who supported the runners and who prayed for us. And special thanks to Liz, who for the second year organized our group and took care of countless details.

This week I'll post more photos and link to results. (Fellow runners -- please e-mail me photos from the day. I'd love to have a more complete set to share.)

Betty, Jim, Jim, Cooper, Tyra and Katie


Chitnis and Chahal said...

Hey proud to have taken this Damm family picture, you guys rock!!

Cheryl said...

It was so great to meet you at the White Rock Marathon. Steve was such a great guy and will forever be missed and it's such an inspiration that you continue to run in his name.
GOD bless you and your family.