Sunday, January 10, 2010


A few days ago I wrote about the first New Year's Eve without Steve.

Dear friend Karen, who has endured all kinds of drama with me since the eighth grade, dug up photos from her party in 1992.

My first thought: "Wow, that Steve is dreamy."

Second: "Wow, I had a lot of hair. And incredibly large glasses."

Steve, of course, stayed dreamy. This photo reminds me of that amazing falling-in-love kind of feeling. Staring at this photo truly takes my breath away (and not because of my fuzzy head). I am just so in love with Stevie D.

And then tonight I stumbled upon this photo, taken at the Helton home on New Year's Eve 2008, the last New Year's Eve we were able to hold hands and kiss in the new year.

See? Still dreamy.

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Marci said...

I love the circa 1992 pic. Is that the classic, slightly-too-long braided belt on Steve? Ahh...90's fashion! You guys look precious and ever so dreamy indeed.