Friday, January 1, 2010

New year

It's difficult to accept that we've started 2010 without Steve.

Our first New Year's Eve together was in 1992, a few months before I graduated college. We were at the Jacksons' apartment for a party -- with my dear high school friends including Karen, Swati, Melissa and Adam.

Every year after, we counted down and kissed to the new year together -- whether at a party or cozy at home.
Last night, Cooper, Katie and I enjoyed time with Andy, Julie and Adam and Andy's family. We were home and asleep hours before midnight.

Christmas Day was a fun flurry of activity. Cooper and Katie woke up to snow outside and plenty of gifts from Santa. (Santa was helped this year by Alison, a friend of our friend Melinda. Alison is a toy distributor and volunteered to gather gifts for Cooper and Katie.)

Cooper and Katie, Christmas morning

Papa, Cooper, Grandma and Katie, after lunch

Jim, Betty and Uncle Jim arrived for gifts and lunch. Melane, Brooke and Molli arrived for gifts, a trip to the Gaylord Texan Resort and dinner back at home. (Uncle Greg was working, protecting the city of Greenville from fires.)

Cooper, Molli, Katie and Brooke at the Gaylord
Uncle Jim and Cooper, ready for the ICE! exhibit

For Christmas lunch, Cooper lit the candle in memory of Steve. Katie extinguished the flame after dessert.


We've stayed busy during this Christmas break. Our activities have included a performance of The Nutcracker, movies, puppet show, Christmas lights, visit to the Fort Worth Stockyards via the Grapevine Vintage Railroad, haircuts, visit with friends. (I wrote about some of our adventures in today's Briefing column.)

During one of the coldest days this week, I learned how to build a fire in the fireplace. (I wrote a little about this in Thursday's Briefing column.)

Building fires was always Steve's job. This Thanksgiving, as we sat around the firepit in Ami and Rich's back yard, I mentioned that I'd need to learn how in Steve's absence.

For Christmas, Ami sent me a package of Fatwood firestarters. I used the last bit of firewood in the garage and actually built a fire! Cooper, Katie and I were proud of ourselves (they provided tips and commentary throughout the process).

Sharon, who was here the night of the first fire, sent me a text the next day: "Steve is bragging on you to the other guy angels in heaven."

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Big hugs to you, Tyra. Sending you lots of love