Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little things

On the way to preschool this morning, Katie and I heard emergency vehicle sirens. Katie asked what was wrong. I told her that I didn't know but that when I hear sirens I say a little prayer, asking that everyone will be OK.

A minute later, she said, "I just said a very small prayer. I know God heard it because He has very good ears."


Most nights when I say goodnight to Katie and then Cooper, I ask if they can feel Daddy in their hearts.

A couple of weeks ago when I asked Cooper, he answered: "Yes. And I feel Daddy yawning. And he's turning on his light for me. And I can see him hugging me in the rain."

Cooper's answer tonight: "When I feel him in my heart, it's like everything is good and nothing is bad."


Monday morning I was driving through Addison and talking to Melissa on my cell phone. Actually, I was crying and talking -- probably not the safest combination.

And then I noticed a motorcycle police officer behind me, with his lights flashing. I ended the call and pulled into a parking lot.

The officer was very nice when he informed me that my state registration had expired. In April 2009.

I sobbed uncontrollably. Then I was worried that I appeared manipulative, like I was trying to get out of a ticket. And trying to stop made me cry even more. It was really quite a scene.

I explained that my husband, who had passed away in September, had always taken care of the registration and that I had no idea it was that long overdue and that I was really sorry for it being overdue and that I was really sorry for crying. Every word was true. (I am certain that we received the renewal notice in the mail last year -- why wouldn't we? But there's no trace of it in the house.)

Oh, the poor officer. He told me not to worry, that it was just paperwork. He let me go.

Tuesday I renewed the registration, reminding myself that it's really a little thing. And I'm sure there are lots of little things that got dropped or lost along the way when Steve and I were focused on really big things.

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noelgross said...

"When I feel him in my heart, it's like everything is good and nothing is bad." That's so neat. How reassuring to hear Cooper so clearly verbalize his daddy's continued presence in his life.