Saturday, July 17, 2010


Our church has just finished a great week of vacation Bible school. Cooper and Katie were in classes led by dedicated volunteers, and I took photos and put slideshows together for the end of each day.

I know that last summer the kids were able to go to VBS, though I couldn't leave the house to volunteer -- I was taking care of Steve. But as I thought about it this week, I couldn't remember how Cooper and Katie were able to get to church and back every day of last summer's VBS. (Cooper later reminded me that our dear friend Leslie drove for me.)

It was yet another reminder of how I'm fuzzy on some of the details of last summer.

By this time last summer, Steve was under the care of hospice in our home. My focus was completely on his care and Cooper and Katie's care. I managed hospice nurses, prescriptions, injections, all kinds of phone calls. I was still working from home, though I'm not quite sure how.

I know that many of you brought meals. I'm not sure if I was still grocery shopping or if someone did that for us. There were lots of friendly folks coming and going all the time.

Did I take the kids to our neighborhood swimming pool in the afternoons? I have no idea. I do remember that Cooper, Katie and I would gather on my bed, just a few feet from Steve's hospice bed, to read the first four books of the Little House series together. We watched movies in the room and had picnics on the floor.

There are days now, when I'm tired from working and taking care of our children and grieving, that I wonder how we managed a year ago. If I'm tired now, how on earth was I able to get through the much bigger trials of last summer? My best answer so far is lots of love, help from so many of you and strength from God.

Cooper at this week's VBS

Katie and Julianna this week

Tyra and two new friends at VBS

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