Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ranch recap: Random

Aunt Ami and Tyra near the barn and stables

Cardshark Cooper

Beautiful Colorado sky

Katie and friend Sophia from California on the picnic grounds

Cooper and Eastwood

Cowgirl Katie outside the lodge

Tyra and Cooper outside Taos, on the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

I couldn't take enough photos of the aspens.

We crossed a bridge over this section of the Canejos River during every horse ride.


Katie said that Daddy was at the ranch with us. He was riding a horse named Special.


For the many of you who have asked, Rainbow Trout Ranch is in the Rio Grande Forest in southern central Colorado, about four hours north of Albuquerque, N.M. Durango is west. Colorado Springs is northeast. The nearest small towns are Antonito, Pagosa Springs and Chama.


The food at the ranch was incredible. We gathered in the lodge for most every meal of the day -- a few were served by the pool or on the picnic grounds by the river.

We sat at large tables, allowing us to mingle with other guests and staff members, and were served family style. Every meal was different, and dessert was included with every lunch and dinner.

Some mornings we'd see giant bowls of rising dough at the hearth of the actively burning fireplace. That was a sure sign of fresh-baked bread on the menu for dinner.

I was thankful for all the walking required up and down the mountain to reach the stables for rides. Otherwise I would have gained many, many pounds. (Well, I probably did gain a couple.)

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