Sunday, July 25, 2010

Three things

Katie drew this during church services today. From left: Cooper, Tyra, God (in purple, surrounding a green Tyra), Katie, Steve and Jesus


Betty lent me this photo today. It's from a Damm family celebration, circa 1981 I think. From left: Betty, Grandpa Damm, Steve, (barely visible) Grandma Damm, Jim and Jim. Cooper loved seeing everyone from so many years ago.

Then he asked, "Mommy, what did Daddy look like when you first met him?"

I could barely speak. I answered softly, before tears began, "Oh, Cooper, he was the most handsome man I'd ever seen."


In the process of scanning those two images, I discovered this photo, which I'd never seen before. I think it's from July 3, 2009 -- Cooper's birthday. Steve is wrapped in Cooper's yellow blanket (known as B) and Katie's white blanket (also known as B or 3B).

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Marci said...

Oh gosh, Tyra, those images are so precious. That last one captures Steve so well...sick, but yet still silly. I love it.