Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Random things I miss about Steve tonight:

1. I am unable to eat an entire bundle of asparagus before it spoils. Cooper and Katie won't eat it.

2. He didn't get to see Toy Story 3. (Steve loved the first two movies. He especially adored Bullseye from the second film.)

3. I miss talking politics with him. We agreed on most everything, though he was more passionate and better informed.

4. I miss his keen interest in the level of Lewisville Lake. We drive over the far eastern edge of the lake to and from church, and he would, without fail, comment on the level.

5. I miss how he would tell me I don't need to wear makeup or spend time straightening my hair. I do, however, hear his words every morning when I'm in a hurry to get ready and am immensely grateful.

6. When Cooper or Katie say something that makes me laugh or cry, I so badly want to call him or e-mail him or text him or run into the bedroom to tell him. Instead, I share it on Twitter and Facebook. (I have patient friends.) Such as:
  • "Why am I not on TV? I should be." (Katie)
  • "None of us ever gave up on Daddy." (Katie)
  • "Can we have some confession snacks?" (Cooper, just before we started a movie at home)
  • "I wish we could still touch Daddy. But we can still love on him. I just sent kisses way up to heaven." (Katie)

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