Sunday, August 16, 2009

Drama, Part I

Steve tells the story better than I do, but I'll try.

During his senior year at W.T. White, he tried out for a play for the first time. He was named the understudy to the actor playing Van Helsing in Dracula.

He showed up at rehearsals but didn't really participate -- he just watched.

About three days before opening night, the student playing Van Helsing was disqualified because he was failing a class. (This was in the early days of no pass, no play.)

So, Steve became Van Helsing. He didn't know any lines or blocking.

He stayed up all night the night before the first show to memorize his lines and develop a German accent. (This is when his German language classes really came in handy.)

Steve had tall hair that had to be shellacked down for the role of Van Helsing, his friend Shawn remembers.

By all accounts, he was a hit.

Kent, Shawn & Steve

The drama teacher asked him to stick around for the year.

Steve got the lead in the one-act play White performed that year -- Robert Falcon Scott in Terra Nova. He was named best actor at the UIL area or region contest (he can't remember which).

Far right: Kent, Steve & Shawn

Later that year, he played Buffalo Bill in Annie Get Your Gun.

Shawn (Whalen) Shinn, one of Steve's high school friends, just sent a fun care package of photos from those days. Cooper and Katie loved seeing Daddy from high school, dressed up in so many ways -- even as a cheerleader for some kind of spirit day.

Stacey, Steve, Shawn & Trisha


Anonymous said...

It is no wonder everyone who has ever met Steve loves him!

What a guy!

Love to you all!
The Bs

Anonymous said...

Hey, I remeber that play! Steve you were awesome! I had no idea that you were a last minute understudy. Marilie "Kline" Coulson

Rob Cook said...

I was there. I had no idea he was going to be in it. He was awesome.
Rob Cook