Monday, August 3, 2009


We're waiting on the team to round to let us know if Steve can go home today.

Steve's arm is almost back to normal. It's still a little puffy, but you can see evidence of bones. No one knows the cause, but either the IV antibiotics or the passage of time made it better.

Otherwise, he's stable. He's still short of breath, but that's not a symptom we expect to disappear soon. He's still very weak physically, but that's not going to get fixed while he's here.

Even though we're waiting, the day is passing quickly thanks to Cory, one of Steve's college friends, who is in from Chicago for the day. They are fraternity brothers and were roommates in the ATO house their junior year. They worked together at Baskin-Robbins, took road trips to see the Northern Pikes, "studied" together.

3:50 p.m. update: The medical team gave Steve the OK to go home. We're now waiting for discharge papers and logistical details.

And now Norm, another ATO brother in town from Philly, has just stopped in. Steve is showing off the one-armed Thriller. Or rather one-l'armed Thriller.

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