Sunday, August 2, 2009


I'm sleepy and would rather curl up on the recliner in Steve's room than write tonight. So I'm going to be a little lazy and give you some Tweets from my Twitter account over the past few days.

From today:
I look forward to meeting some of Steve's U of Michigan ATO brothers. As many as three will be in Dallas tomorrow to visit.

Steve's arm is still swollen but better (thanks to meds?). Other symptoms the same. We're cautiously optimistic that we'll be home Monday.

From Saturday:
Steve's charge nurse just recognized me. She reads all of my columns & says she loves them. I've never been recognized by a stranger before!

When Steve calls me his "sweetheart-a-muffin," even in a tired, raspy whisper, my heart melts. Semi-related: I really hate cancer.

Starbucks would make lots of money -- from me alone -- if it set up shop at St. Paul.

The maximum time to sleep on one of these recliner "beds" seems to be 5 hours.

From Friday:
I am back at the hospital after a delightful dinner at S&D Oyster with Liz & Kris. I am blessed.

Finally! Doctors were here. They are pleased with how Steve looks & sounds. Maybe he'll go home Monday?

I'm beginning to wonder if the hem/onc team forgot about us, way back here at the end of the hall. I asked the RN to tackle the attending.

We are still waiting for doctors to round. They've never been as late as after noon.

From Thursday:
I'm missing Cooper & Katie and laughing about the latest Katie-ism: hibiscuits instead of hibiscus.

The concept of Fruit2Day puzzles me. "A New Way to Eat Fruit." Honestly, how hard is it to eat the real thing?

I am working on returning phone messages. There are 18 of them, so it may take a while.

Our DMN friends are the best! I'm enjoying lunch delivered by Nicole.

Steve is napping after being wheeled away & back for chest X-ray. I'm wide awake thanks to latte delivery from Layne.

"An Officer and a Gentleman" is on. I probably haven't seen it since 1987, but all the dialogue is coming back to me.

Perhaps we got four hours of sleep? The first night in the hospital is always the most interrupted.

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