Sunday, February 3, 2008

Big week ahead

Tomorrow is a big day, as Steve adds chemotherapy to his treatment routine. We're both anxious about how his body will react to the chemo on top of radiation.

So far, the fatigue from radiation therapy has been severe. The first night it hit him about 6:30 p.m. while the four of us were eating dinner together. He felt as if he just couldn't sit up any longer. But he hated to leave the table and go to bed before Katie and Cooper went to bed. He realized that he couldn't fight the fatigue any longer, though, and went to our room. Katie and Cooper followed him. As he was settling in, Cooper sang him a lullaby. Katie cuddled him. Steve and I both cried.

He worked in the Carrollton office Friday before his treatment. After we came home that afternoon, he rested for about two hours. The rest of the night was better, and he was able to enjoy a pizza dinner and movie night. (Bruce brought Night at the Museum for the boys to watch while Katie was sleeping and I was next door for monthly dinner and bunco.)

This weekend Steve has been taking naps or sitting down when his body tells him he needs it. He's still not getting enough sleep, though, which exacerbates his vision troubles.

We're not sure how his body will react when he adds the Temodar and other drugs to the mix tomorrow night. We hope he sleeps straight through the night with no nausea.


Chitnis and Chahal said...

Steve and Tyra,
It was nice to see you guys today. Juhee enjoyed playing with Katie and Cooper, they are wonderful kids. Your story about the lullaby made me cry also. You guys are just too wonderful to have something like this happen to you. Steve, do browse through the book if you can or else I will come and read it to you some day soon.
I have thankfully never had to ask God for a miracle but now I ask him for one every day, for you guys.
God will figure out a way to take care of you guys and your family, just have to trust in that.

DayleShockley said...