Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Good morning

Steve made it through the night after his first dose of chemotherapy with no nausea! Hooray!

Unfortunately, he didn't sleep much last night. He was hot (it does feel like late spring instead of late winter), restless and thinking too much. He estimates he slept about two or three hours total.

Other symptom updates:
1. Double vision is still awful. He's wearing the pirate patch almost all the time now and is extra cautious when walking. He is unsteady on his feet but is able to walk slowly for a while.
2. His head pain remains at about a 2 (out of 10) while on extra-strength acetaminophen.
3. He's developed a congested cough. Dr. G (radiation oncologist) examined him yesterday after his radiation treatment and said she heard no crackling in his lungs. Today is the scheduled clinic day (when patients are examined in addition to receiving radiation), so the doctors will see him again.
4. His voice is still weak, with wavering moments of strength. He's drinking only thickened liquids through a straw now as part of the campaign to prevent asphyxiation. (Thanks, Jen, for your tutorial in swallowing issues!)

Steve just finished showering: "Good shower. I feel good. I feel strong. Oh, I'm so glad."


Anonymous said...

Steve, I'm so glad you didn't get sick. Have a good day and know we are praying for you.

Much love,
Ryan, Jen and Amy

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, you are doing a great job of fighting off "Spot". Many prayers of restful nights and no treatment side effects.

Cathy & Bill

Anonymous said...

Tyra, I recently learned of your family's story and I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Although I do not know you personally, I can tell from reading your blogs that you seem to be a pillar of strength and a wonderful mom and wife. I was so happy to read that Steve did not get sick after the treatments yesterday. My family and I will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Take care,


Hooray indeed! Hope you were able to enjoy the rest of your day, Steve, and prepare for the challenges of the next one.

Melissa, Dylan, Thalia & Carys

shane said...

please send my best to steve, i will send all the positive reserve i can muster. be strong bro!