Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Don't take anything for granted"

Steve reports that it's a beautiful day. The two of us enjoyed lunch together before his urology appointment. The super friendly nurse removed his catheter after almost a week, and he's now able to empty his bladder on his own. (It's a function he says one should never take for granted.) Cooper, Katie, Steve and I enjoyed dinner together, and Steve was able to bathe the kids by himself and get them ready for bed.

Symptom update:
  • His voice sounds stronger.
  • The right-side tremors continue to come and go. They're most noticeable when he's eating.
  • He's not as steady on his feet. The radiation oncologists suspect the steroids are partly to blame. Decadron changes where fat settles and thins muscle mass. His normally strong runner's legs are becoming increasingly thin.
  • His fine-motor coordination has declined in the past two days.
Selfishly, I'm thankful that Steve is so positive today -- it helps lift my spirits after a particularly difficult week.


Anonymous said...

Steve and Tyra,
I continue to keep up with your progress via your incredible blog. It is good to hear that you had a good day. I wanted to thank you both for your willingness to share your incredible story. You both continue to be a blessing to others by your courage and infalible faith. You truly are beautiful works of God and it shines brightly to those around you. God bless you both and I look foward to hearing you had another good day. Marilie

Chitnis and Chahal said...

Stay positive focus on good things and hope for good things to continue. Our prayers are with you, Steve and the children.
I remember Steve, he always texts me or calls and says, today is a good day. I hope every day is a great day for all of you.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that Steve is feeling better overall. I firmly believe that the effects of the decadron will diminish as the dosage decreases.
Myself and the choir are looking forward to friday evening!
See you then,
Cherl Hoskins

Tom said...

Steve Damm Cheese Damm!!! What the heck is this Damm Spot? Not cool my friend, but it sounds like you are dealing with it in true Steve fashion. I am sorry I did not hear about this sooner, and wish I could help you out in person. I might be in Dallas for work one of these days, so perhaps at that the meantime, keep your head up, hug Tyra & the kids & flash back to this fun!

Cheers, T. Robinson