Thursday, February 7, 2008

Treatment update

We are thrilled that Steve has not experienced any troubling side effects from the Temodar so far. He takes the anti-nausea medicine about 30 minutes before bedtime and then takes the chemo drug right before turning out the lights. He's not felt any discomfort.

Yesterday was the first day of the formal radiation therapy. Until yesterday, the machine was shooting X-rays at a crude target, aiming for the brain stem in general. Beginning Wednesday, the coordinates and paths were more exact. The noticeable difference so far is that the treatment time is longer and the table he lies on moves during treatment. His fatigue level is about the same, though he made it through today without a nap.

His double vision is improving some. He wore the eye patch very little today and worked on focusing better with both eyes.

His voice is still weak, some days more than others. It's hard to tell how much is related to the 10th cranial nerve weakness vs. the cold he's been fighting. When Dr. G (radiation oncology resident) examined him Tuesday afternoon, she still found no sign of pneumonia. And now that he's started chemotherapy, he's on a drug that is supposed to stave off pneumonia.

Through all of this, he's worked every day this week -- from home or one of his offices. He enjoys being around his colleagues, solving problems, focusing on something other than cancer. We are so thankful that his responsibilities allow him to work from home sometimes and to sit down most of the time.

Once again, we've made it through the week by relying on so many of you -- your time, meals, driving, cards, gifts, prayers, good wishes, offers of help not yet taken. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

My hat's off to you, Steve, for continuing to work at this most difficult time. You're an incredible guy! Stay strong. I'm praying for you.

Linda Swift

DayleShockley said...

Praying in Houston.

chapman.d said...

Thank you Tyra for your updates. You truly have the gift of the written word and I for one am thankful for that. Steve, we are keeping your chair warm in the hopes that you'll be back singing with us one day. Thanks for all your tenacity and willingness to fight "spot." It was sad to see Damon go, he was such a big part of our worship and musical life. I hope you can one day meet Tom Cole. He is also very talented and I think you will like him. Much love to all. I'm praying for strength and patience and comfort, but most of all healing.