Thursday, February 21, 2008

Photo that never fails to make me smile

October 2005


Anonymous said...

I think that photo makes everyone smile. It's just beautiful. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend - one that is restful, healing, and energizing. Lori

Laura said...

How different Katie looks without hair! Same face, just different. Adorable, adorable.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo! Prayers up that y'all have a happy, restful, healing weekend.

Mel T

Chitnis and Chahal said...

A kodak moment indeed. I am just relieved that both the ER visits were relatively benigh.
Steve, I am just as mad on most days that you have to go through this and I never forget to add a prayer for you every night. Even Juhee asked me today in the car, if I spoke to Katie's dad, kids are so sensitive. I just told her Katie's dad is sick and she has been thinking about it from time to time. I am going to bring you guys some soup one of these days, may be butter nut squash, may be friday or over the weekend, will talk soon.
Love to Cooper and Katie, they look adorable.