Sunday, February 24, 2008

Good deed

Steve is getting a little more stable each day following his back-t0-back ER visits. He will see a UT-SW urologist this Wednesday, and we expect the catheter will be removed then. He still has occasional right-side tremors. He's practicing his breathing and notices an improvement on the spirometer after he blows up balloons.

Because he's focusing on rest and recovery, Steve has had to miss some Cooper events this weekend. Jim, Betty and/or Jim stayed with him while we were out. On Saturday, the Dolphins returned to the soccer field for their sixth consecutive season. Cooper was especially scrappy during this game and scored a goal late in the fourth quarter -- unusual for our boy, who is usually more interested in defending.

On Friday night, Cooper, Papa (Jim) and I attended the Pack 443 Blue and Gold banquet. Cooper and 11 other Tiger Cubs were awarded their Tiger Cub patch, earned after completing 15 activities in specific achievement areas. When a Cub receives a patch, it's first attached upside down. It's turned right side up after the boy performs a good deed.

About a minute after we walked in the door Friday night, Cooper walked over to the big comfy green chair where Steve was sitting and offered to help him up. He said he wanted to help Daddy get up so he could give Mommy a hug -- and that would be his good deed.


Anonymous said...

What a great moment on the field. If we could only frame that smile after he scored - totally priceless!

Hang in there Steve many prayers coming your way!



Oh my goodness! I had no idea what had transpired since we spoke last week, Tyra! I am so sorry I didn't know. Betty didn't say anything when I called on Sat, bless her heart. I am SO glad Steve is feeling better after the double ER scare of last week. We are praying for him and thinking of you all. I will do a better job of checking in with you too! Melissa

Anonymous said...

what a special kid you have there... you and steve are doing it right. being a parent is hard enough, but with everything else you guys are handling... it sounds like your kids are real blessings. We cont. to pray for each of you - mind, body & spirit.