Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The UT-SW outpatient therapy clinic called before 8:30 a.m. today and asked if we could have Steve there by 10 a.m. The scheduler told us to be prepared for possible admission to the inpatient service.

We scrambled. Liz took Katie to school for me. I packed a bag and made other arrangements. Layne and Bob lifted Steve from the bed to the wheelchair and eventually to the minivan.

Once at the clinic, we required more help to get him out. A tiny but strong physical therapist gave Steve a great big hug and danced him over to the wheelchair.

We were a little late for the appointment, but we made it.

Dr. R evaluated Steve and determined that he is a good candidate for physical rehab. And then she told us that we'd need to go home and wait. Insurance still hadn't approved the admission.

I admit that I was overwhelmed at the thought of getting Steve safely back into the car and home and then forcing him to do it all over again. But we had no choice.

Before we left the building, we went to radiology for an X-ray of Steve's back. He's been having severe back pain, which we suspect is muscular after Monday's fall, but Dr. R wanted to be sure. We haven't heard back, so we assume he's not suffering from broken vertebrae.

The same physical therapist returned him to the car.

When we got home, Martin was waiting for us and moved Steve from the car to the wheelchair to his home office spot in the dining room. Liz arrived shortly after with lunch.

So now we're both working from home, waiting to hear that United HealthCare has agreed to cover inpatient rehab.

Dr. R said the stay could be a week or two. It will depend on what goals we set and how long it takes to reach them.

I'll update when we have the go-ahead to return to Zale!


Anonymous said...

Sending positive thoughts to you two
and sending positive thoughts to the insurance company so they move fast to approve everything!

Sweetest Whimsy said...

Sorry you have been kept waiting! How blessed you are to have so many helping arms and hands to lift and hug when needed. :)