Friday, April 10, 2009


Yesterday was a rough day.

Steve was unable to talk -- he could barely even whisper. His headaches have returned. He was barely able to walk, even with Walker Texas Ranger. We guess that his body is just worn out and recovery from pneumonia is going to take some time.

Of course, recovery at home is much better than in the hospital. Steve has been treated to all kinds of Cooper and Katie entertainment. After dinner last night, Katie performed a dance "to help Daddy feel better," then Cooper joined in with a sort of vaudeville act, featuring an Indiana Jones hat, hobby horse and Webkinz monkey.

Thank you for continued prayers!

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Chitnis and Chahal said...

Kids are a blessing. They really add pride and joy to life. Congrats to Cooper for his character award, not surprised. The apple doesn't fall too far away from the tree. Good guys!
Steve, hope you feel better. Recovery after a pneumonia may take a little toll but keep chugging like you always do and you will be back to baseline again. Prayers and love sent your way.