Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home for a week

Steve has been home from the hospital for a week. I think he's doing really well considering all his body has endured.

His breathing sounds normal; his shortness of breath is gone.

He's still extremely fatigued, but that seems normal after pneumonia, even for otherwise healthy patients.

Steve has been working from home daily. This week he moved the home office into the dining room. With his non-responsive left side, he's having difficulty rising from the family room sofa -- it's just too low to the ground.

We are concerned about his headaches, which have returned with great frequency. He needs Tylenol every day now to control the pain. Only once this week has he needed pain medicine stronger than acetaminophen.

We'll address the headaches on Friday, when we visit with Dr. M at the cancer center. Steve will have blood drawn, and then we'll meet with Dr. M to review the results and get Avastin and chemotherapy back on track.

Please pray for relief from the headaches and for healthy counts on Friday. We don't want to give the Damm Spot any more free time!


Anonymous said...

I'm sending up prayers.
Hugs, Linda Swift

Gregory said...

It's been way too long since Stevie-D and I have Bootie-Shaked! We are looking forward to seeing y'all this Friday. I love you all so VERY much! mel

Anonymous said...

Hope you get some good answers today! - LeighP