Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hair today ...

Since Steve started receiving the chemotherapy Carboplatin,
his hair has been thinning.

With Aunt Ami in town, it was time for a hair cut.

He wanted to return to his edgier youth.

He didn't mean to alarm sweet neighbor Drew.

He wanted to make Katie happy.

He settled on the bald-is-beautiful look,
fulfilling a long-time dream to shave his head.

(Before the big event, Steve told Cooper and Katie
that Ami would be shaving his head.
Cooper's response warmed my heart:
"That's OK. It's what's on the inside, not the outside, that counts.")


Natalie Willis said...

Bald is truly beautiful and the person sporting the bald do is even more beautiful!!

noelgross said...

I can dig it. But why do I have the overwhelming urge to join Players Club?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I liked the edgier youth style, but Steve is beautiful bald, too. I hope the headaches disappear as quickly as the hair did.

Hugs, Linda S

Laurie said...

Hi Steve & Tyra,
Bob, Jodie, Vicki and I are so excited that you are enjoying your new portrait! You are such an incredibly wonderful family, and you are always in our prayers. Your bravery is so inspirational. We keep up with your blog regularly. Give Cooper and Katie hugs from us!

Anonymous said...

Love the mohawk!! Bald is beautiful, too, though. Enjoy your summer 'do, Steve.
Mary G

Robin Russell said...

Sweet comment from Cooper, as usual. But Steve carries "bald" quite well, I think! Rock on.