Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pneumonia update

Yesterday morning, Steve started coughing a little. By evening, his coughing was almost constant. He also spiked a fever and had violent chills. That's what sent us the ER Friday night.

After five hours in the waiting room and an ER exam room, we arrived in Room 308 at St. Paul. This is a new wing for us, and it's the nicest of the St. Paul rooms Steve has been assigned. The walls have new paint, the floors are wood, and there is much more space. It's remarkable how cheerful surroundings improve your mood and outlook.

The chest X-ray showed about a golf-ball-sized conglomeration of probable pneumonia activity. The many test results are still out, so the medical team is attacking the infection with three high-powered IV antibiotics. The hope is that one of them will knock out all that bacteria.

Steve feels better today than yesterday, despite getting by on very little sleep. (We finally fell asleep a little before 5 a.m., and then two residents came in for an exam. We slept a little more before the morning shift started their business.)

The attending pulmonologist expects that, based on Steve's slight improvement in a short time, we'll be able to take care of the pneumonia with two weeks of antibiotics. Most of that treatment should be at home. He'll be here until at least Monday, when they'll take another scan of his chest and determine how well he's recovered.

Loyal readers know how much Steve dreads hospital visits. He misses life at home -- Cooper and Katie, fuzzy Margie, reading bedtime stories, working. He's definitely not a lay-about-and-do-nothing kind of guy.

With that in mind, as you pray for speedy and full recovery from pneumonia, please also consider praying for Steve's continued courage and endurance.


Chitnis and Chahal said...

I was sick for the past few days with cough, sore throat and sinus infection and feeling pretty miserable. I thought of Steve and how he endures everything with a smile and good attitude. I pumped myself with antibiotics, sinus medication and advil and kept on going my merry way. Steve is definitely an inspiration for a lot of people. His strength and endurance will never fail him, we pray for that and his full recovery soon.

Anonymous said...

I take that courage and endurance for granted and many times think only of the caregivers, praying that they are worthy of caring for our precious Steve.

Continued prayers for healing, strength, courage, and Energizer-bunny endurance to the whole family! Love, Mary & Kevin

Anonymous said...

My mom just spent 12 days in room 309 - if you can snag that room it is big and roomy! And she went through several rounds of anti-biotics, also - UTI into renal failure, with only one kidney - but she came through, a trooper at 83! I always pray for your family, and Betty & Jim.
God bless !

Wendy S. Harpham, MD said...

Wishes, hopes and prayers for continued strength, continued good medical care and continued moments of joy through it all.
With hope, Wendy