Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another week

Dr. N and the rest of the rehab team stopped by today to recommend that Steve stay on the eighth floor until next Tuesday -- another week. By then he should be ready to more safely resume life at home.

M and Steve this morning work on balance. He's standing on an unsteady surface without using the bars -- a great accomplishment!

Steve continues to push himself during therapy.

This morning we batted a blue balloon back and forth. He was standing up on his own, just behind his walker, and his PT stood behind him as a spotter. I stood a few feet in front.

The balloon tossing reminded me of way back in Lubbock days, when Avalanche-Journal newsroom colleagues and spouses would gather for Wednesday night volleyball on the concrete court or midnight volleyball in the sand. Norval would stand at the net, ready to dunk. Brenna would school us all with her college-trained serve. I hit wildly, sending balls anywhere but where they belonged. Steve always did well -- all arms and legs.

Those long arms served him well today. He was able to reach far and swat at almost all my wild throws -- all while keeping his balance.

Just a few feet away, an older gentleman was working on physical therapy as well. His disabilities appear great. The PT encouraged him to try a little harder, and the patient replied with great dejection, "I'm not going to heal."

The PT did not like this response. "If you don't believe in yourself, you won't heal. You need a positive attitude."

I was again reminded of how positive Steve has remained as he battles brain cancer. What a joy it is to be his teammate, to help him fight the Damm Spot as we continue to care for our amazing children.

Cooper likes to pretend the tub is a giant swimming pool until real swimming season begins.

Katie recently completed Delicate Dancers, a tap and ballet class, with best friend Noe. (Layne is the awesome photographer.)

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