Friday, May 1, 2009


We're still home. Thankfully, Steve is doing OK. He slept well, and I was able to get him out of bed and up for the day on my own. (I definitely need help at night, when Steve is most fatigued and has run low on right-side strength.)

I spoke with a benefits employee with Steve's work this morning. She says that the United HealthCare account manager says Steve's stay has been approved. There's an admission number in the system.

Then I called the case manager with UT-SW who is trying to get Steve admitted. She says the that the admission number in the system doesn't really mean anything.

She also says it's highly unusual -- as in she's never seen it happen -- for a patient to be admitted to rehab from home. In addition, as of yesterday, a nurse case manager at UHC hadn't yet been assigned to Steve's case.

The case manager is going to recommend to Dr. M that, if we haven't received approval by 2 p.m. today, she admit Steve to the hospital for weakness and falls. He'd stay in the hospital for two days or so and then be transitioned (we hope!) to rehab.

So we continue to wait. We are thankful that Steve remains comfortable at home and that we've been able to keep him safe. Right now he's working and listening to Katie and best friend Noe chat in the playroom, just a few feet away. From the dining room table he can see activity on our street and glimpse pretty spring flowers and a full, healthy tree in the front yard.

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