Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A new wrinkle: DVT

A blood clot (or DVT, for deep vein thrombosis) was discovered today in Steve's left leg.

Yesterday when Dr. N was examining super Steve, he noticed Steve's swollen left leg and foot. We told him that the swelling has been an issue for a few months. I told him that two sonograms revealed no clots in his leg.

Dr. N ordered a sonogram of his leg anyway, just to be cautious. (Obviously it's a good thing I'm not the one ordering -- or not ordering -- tests!)

After Steve's first physical therapy session this morning, he returned to his bed and was wheeled off to imaging. He returned an hour later in good spirits.

About 30 minutes later, Steve's nurse told us the news.

We haven't spoken with Dr. N yet to learn how the clot will be treated. The usual course of treatment is blood thinners, but I'm not sure if that will be complicated by Steve's Avastin history.

One of the side effects of Avastin (the bio-agent that Steve has been taking since late 2008) is increased risk of DVT. Steve had been scheduled for another Avastin treatment today, but we canceled that this morning, before we knew about the clot, in favor of continued therapy at Zale. I've e-mailed Dr. M and her nurse to make sure they are aware of this wrinkle.

We do know that he's on bed rest for the remainder of the day. No more physical, occupational or video game therapy (Wii-hab!). No shower.

Insurance approved seven days of rehab yesterday. We used one Tuesday just by checking in. We're using another today, in which Steve received about 30 minutes of physical therapy. (That session was great, by the way! Steve was able to walk, using parallel bars and some help from the PT. He felt some discomfort in his lower back, but he powered through and impressed the PT and me.)

One of our concerns now is that Steve is going to burn through rehab days without really getting much rehab.

When I update later, I hope to be able to report:
1. How the clot will be treated
2. What happens to Steve's precious rehab days

We take great comfort in the many prayers on Steve's behalf. And we're cheered by a new catchphrase, courtesy of Julie: Out Damm Clot!


KayS said...
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KayS said...

So sorry to hear this. Keep the Faith.
In regards to the 'rehab' days - is it possible for the insurance company to re-evaluate due to the DVT and let you 'bank' the rehab days so that you don't burn them dealing with this new issue? It might be worth a call just in case.

Please know that all of you remain in my thoughts and prayers daily. You both have to be the most courageous two people I have ever known - I am in awe of your courage and faith. May God continue to Bless you, lift you up, and give you strength.