Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thank you, See Spot Runners!

A devoted group of Run for Steve/See Spot Run runners arrived at White Rock Lake early this morning, braved the muggy conditions (and poor porta-potty conditions) and ran five miles in honor of Steve.

The White Rock 'n' Roll was the third official Run for Steve race since amazing Liz organized us last year.

Today's runners:
Allison E.
Andy L.
Carlin M.
Holly B.
Liz S.
Meghan D.
Paul D.
Randy L.
Sharon G.

We are both incredibly touched by your support! (And we know there were other sweet running friends who couldn't make it today but were there in spirit.)

We understand that plans are in the works for a 5K/15K in July. It's never to late to join the team! E-mail Liz for details on the next race.

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