Monday, May 4, 2009


We're still home. I spoke with the case manager with Zale this afternoon. She had spoken with someone at UHC, who said something like, "You've really had the runaround, huh?"


And yet, there is still no admission.

I left messages and pages with Dr. M's team. No word.

Steve, at least, has had no more upper respiratory symptoms. The chest crackling is gone. His temperature escalated yesterday but dropped again -- and never got above 100.

His mobility remains the same. He and I have figured out how to move him around reasonably well, and I continue to call for help when we're too tired. (Tonight might be one of those nights.)

Katie will be home from preschool all week. Her school is in Carrollton, and at least half the teachers have children in Lewisville ISD, which is closed for swine flu for the week. So, our preschool is closed for lack of teachers and safety, in case siblings attend one of the flu schools.

I had been worried about how I would make the 50-minute roundtrip drive to preschool in the mornings -- I can't leave Steve alone for that long -- but that problem is solved this week.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll update with admission news?


Allison Wilson said...

Yell up to school if you need a break with Katie. I think she'd make an excellent library aide. She could tell all the kids (including Coop's class tomorrow) what to do!

Chitnis and Chahal said...

Man, hope you can get Steve in rehab soon. Best wishes.