Sunday, May 3, 2009


Here is the current get-Steve-into-physical-rehab plan.

1. We wait to hear from UHC if they have approved his admission.
2. If we don't get an answer by noon Monday, then Dr. M will work on admitting him to Zale Lipshy. (This may take some careful wording/finagling. Oncology doesn't admit to Zale; the team admits to St. Paul. But we don't want him exposed to all the flu, pneumonia, who-knows-what-else germs floating around St. Paul.) Then we'd work on getting him transferred from a regular floor to the physical rehab floor.
3. Either way, he should be at Zale sometime Monday.

This could all be complicated by a new symptom. Steve developed a crackle in his chest overnight, which gave him fits trying to sleep. He has no fever right now. I'm checking him often. If he starts getting chills or a fever, we'll call Dr. M and then an ambulance. Then we'll have to deal with St. Paul -- we'll have no choice.

I'll update later today if there's news. I hope, though, that I don't need to update until tomorrow, with the good news that Steve is on his way to Zale.

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Chitnis and Chahal said...

I can admit him to my service if you have any problems. Then you can transfer him to Zale rehab. I don't usually admit patients unless I am on service like I was a week ago but I will for Steve. Anything to help him and you. Just let me know, I will be at work all day tommorrow. Call my cell, 214-223-9241 if you need anything from me. Hang in there and praying that he gets in quickly. Hope those crackles settle fast and you don't have to go to ER.