Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In the ER

Steve is at the St. Paul ER. He's being treated for probable pneumonia, most likely due to aspiration.

He started spiking a fever today. He was considerably weaker today than yesterday. The hospice nurse, who was visiting today to change his PICC line dressing, heard crackles in his lungs.

He called Dr. M, who recommended he be seen right away. I called 911 and then explained to Katie, who was home with us, that paramedics and firefighters would be coming soon. (I'll have to write about that experience later.)

The Frisco paramedics took care of him and brought him to St. Paul. I stayed with Katie until Betty and Cooper could arrive. (Cooper is in chess camp this week, at a school near Grandma and Papa.)

Sharon met Steve at the hospital and helped to take good care of him.

An X-ray here in the ER shows some trouble in the upper right lung. That, combined with his other symptoms, leads the doctors to believe that he has pneumonia.

He's receiving IV fluid and three strong IV antibiotics -- one after the other. We'll be heading to an upstairs room for admission sometime this afternoon.

As you pray for Steve and the medical team, please also include Cooper and Katie in your prayers today and the coming days. It was especially difficult to leave Cooper this afternoon, and I know they both are sad about Steve being gone again.

5:45 p.m. update: We're still waiting on a hospital room. Steve is sleeping. His congestion sounds awful, but his temperature seems to have dropped.


Laura said...

I am sending special prayers and big hugs to each of you, as I know this isn't easy on anyone.

DogBlogger said...

Been praying for all four of you, and will certainly keep it up.

mdrago said...

God keep and comfort all of you.

Marci said...

You guys are in my prayers. I am sure it is no fun to be back at the hospital. Especially praying for your little peanuts, brave little folks that they are!