Thursday, July 30, 2009

Morning update

The first night in the hospital is always the most interrupted.

Steve's prescriptions didn't arrive until midnight. Respiratory came sometime after to give him a breathing treatment. More blood was drawn. More meds at 6 a.m., when a really loud thunderstorm was beating against our window.

I think we got about four hours of pieced-together sleep each. Afternoon naps are definitely in order.

Steve seems about the same this morning as late last night -- less congestion, still short of breath but not as bad, able to talk (not long discussions, mind you, but a sentence is great!).

The internist who saw Steve in the ER yesterday just visited, and she was pleased with how much better he looks and sounds. And the respiratory therapist who also saw him in the ER remarked on Steve's improvement.

(Steve must have deteriorated quickly in the ambulance yesterday, on the trip from home to the hospital, because the respiratory therapist said everyone in the ER was prepared for a severe case.)

We'll now wait for cultures to come back. That will tell us what kind of pneumonia or infection Steve has and what specific drugs he needs. Until then, he'll continue on the broad-spectrum antibiotics.

We'll also pray for no other complications and the ability to return home the moment he's stable and ready.


Laura said...

Happy to hear he is improving!!

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you and hoping Steve can return home very soon. Lots of love, Meghan Franzke

Chitnis and Chahal said...

Hope he starts to get better and can go home for the weekend. Lots of hugs!