Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sweetie pies

Three neighbor families organized and executed a lemonade stand today, with the proceeds going to Steve.

They set up shop outside our neighborhood pool, braving the heat (the temperature right now is 101) to sell drinks, snacks and fun pencils and erasers.

Abby had been planning a lemonade stand for weeks, her mom says. Abby's good buddy and ours, Asher, also in on the planning, suggested that the money go to Steve. They recruited their siblings, friends and parents to help make signs, serve drinks and more.

Abby, Asher, Autumn, Zach, Cathy and Bill just delivered the money received -- about $400! That pays for about a month of prescription co-pays for Steve. What an amazing gift! (Asher had told me earlier today that his goal was $50, but $100 would sure be nice.)

Thanks to the Knierings, Chapmans and Warhoftigs for devoting so much time and energy! And thanks to neighbors and friends who supported their hard work!

Abby and Asher


Marci said...

Okay, you have some AMAZING and awesome kids in your neighborhood! What a wonderful, thoughtful (and helpful! a month of copays!)gesture. I love it.

Daria said...

How wonderful!