Friday, July 31, 2009

Two advantages

At least two advantages to being at St. Paul:

1. We've been here so frequently that most of the faces are familiar. When I walk through the halls and see a nurse who Steve has had before, they always light up and ask about Steve. Yesterday the speech therapist from our last visit just popped in because she saw his name on the board and wanted to say hi.

Those moments make these visits more bearable.

2. The hospital bed here is wider than the one at home, which allows room for me to cuddle with Steve. At home there's barely room for Cooper or Katie to sidle up for a hug. But here I can pull Steve over to one side of the bed (using the draw sheet) and then climb in on the other side and wrap my arms around my sweetheart.


Cyndi said...

Nothing like cuddling with your sweetie. And the comfort of familiar faces. I pray for continued improvements today so maybe the two of you can go home sometime this weekend.

DogBlogger said...

Echoing Cyndi's prayer here.

chapman.d said...

Much love to you both. I pray for your continued improvement, Steve and quality (cuddling) time together. Debbie

Anonymous said...

While I'm sorry you had to make a trip back to the hospital, I am sorry I missed you! I had no idea y'all had come back, I would have loved to stop by and see you two. I was always amazed by your courage and high spirits despite your situiation. It is definitely something to be admired. I could only hope to be half as strong and I feel truly blessed to have been able to meet both of you.

- Shanna
- The Nurse in Training who you so willingly allowed to practice on Steve.