Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MRI in the morning

Steve and I will report to the cancer center Thursday morning for an MRI so we can see what's going on with the Damm Spot.

We typically get results about an hour later. But Dr. M's clinic schedule is packed, so we'll talk with her late Thursday from home.

Steve will also have a chest X-ray tomorrow. His respiratory symptoms have worsened today. His breathing is shallow, he has a rattle in his chest and his temperature is elevated. Dr. M and I spoke late tonight, and we've decided to extend his antibiotic dose. I plan on waking up every two hours tonight to check on him.


Some wisdom from Katie today:

"I wish I was a wildflower so I could grow all by myself."

"Watermelon is like a popsicle, but it doesn't melt."

"I am filled with many hearts. My red heart creates hearts for other people. My yellow heart spreads sunshine."

And from Cooper:

(After he saw a Hamburger Helper commercial for the first time)
"That looks good! I mean, macaroni and meat!"

(While reading the newspaper)
"What does m-e-n-o-p-a-u-s-e spell?"
(I briefly explain)
"Why is there a musical about THAT?"


Melissa said...

Your children are heartbreakingly cute! Prayers for Steve; I'm sorry you are having a rough time of it today.

Marci said...

LOL about the macaroni and meat comment!!!! I love it. Will be praying for the MRI results.