Friday, July 24, 2009

Mostly quiet

I'm happy to report a slow news week as far as Steve is concerned.

He's still experiencing variations of symptoms. This week he's struggling a little more with chest congestion and shortness of breath, which in turn creates more fatigue. He was able to sit up in his wheelchair for a few hours a couple of days this week to work and eat at the kitchen table.

The house has been quiet much of the week -- Cooper is on vacation in Washington, D.C., with Jim, Betty and Uncle Jim. We can't wait to see our little guy tomorrow and hear about his adventures.

Jim, Betty, Jim, Cooper and Rep. Michael Burgess (our representative and father of our friend Jessica)

Katie and I have enjoyed our time "alone." We've been swimming, reading, coloring and painting. We read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together over the past three days. She especially loved the book because she was allowed a piece of chocolate after every other chapter -- definitely an incentive to keep reading. We finished the book quicker than I expected!

I continue to field daily questions from Katie about life and death. This week's main questions: Does it hurt to die? Do children ever die before parents?

Last week she told Justin, our babysitter, that because he's older than she is, he would probably die before she does. "I'll miss you when you're in heaven," she said. "But the happy thing? You'll be in my heart."

I'm thankful that she's able to express herself so well.

After breakfast one day this week, she said, "Mommy, I really need to pray right now."

So she folded her hands, squeezed her eyes shut and said: "Dear God, Please keep me safe and don't let me get lost. Amen."

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chapman.d said...

Tyra, your writing is so tender and loving. Your children are Christ for me. Wish I could reach out and hug you all right now.