Thursday, September 17, 2009

From Cooper and Katie

Last week Cooper, at the suggestion of his school guidance counselor, wrote about his Daddy. The text was included in the order of worship given to guests at the memorial service. (There were about 600-650 people gathered to remember Steve.)

Ten Good Things About Daddy by Cooper

He was sweet.
He was funny.
He was caring.
My happiest memory is when he was there when I was born.
He never gave up fighting the cancer. He took all his medicine.
Nothing ever could stop him.
He helped children by starting a children's company.
He was helping to cure children.
He loved our whole family.
He donated his body to the doctors to help cure cancer.
And now we have to let him go.


We also included two recent Katie quotes.

"We all helped Daddy feel better."
"Daddy is still in our hearts."


This morning before school, Katie told me, as she pointed to her face: "This is a happy face because you're still alive, Mommy. And this is a sad face because Daddy isn't."

Cooper, Katie, Steve & Tyra, spring break 2007 (as Steve is recovering from Bell's palsy)


Sweetest Whimsy said...

Katie is too wonderful. :)

Anonymous said...

She is so~~~~~~~ cute and has the sweetest heart on this planet!


Laura said...

Beautiful family photo, Tyra. Your sweet children amaze me. Big hearts and amazing perspective. Hugs to you all!

haley. said...

It absolutely floors me to read these posts, Tyra. Your family is so unique, and I am always shocked to read the things that Cooper and Katie say. They both have such deep thoughts and express them in the most special way. What a beautiful family.

Haley Dermody