Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Michigan question

It's college week at Cooper's school. Students take college memorabilia, wear college gear, dress up for career day and more.

Between Steve and me, Steve definitely had more school spirit. He was a third-generation University of Michigan graduate. He was in the marching band. He loved Ann Arbor.

We've always sent Cooper to school in a Michigan shirt for these kinds of events.

He wore his maize and blue today, and after school we talked about his friends' allegiances -- mostly University of Texas, Texas A&M and University of Oklahoma.

For the first time in two weeks, Cooper asked a question that I would have deferred to Steve. It certainly won't be the last time.

"Mommy, who are Michigan's enemies?" Cooper asked.

I had to pause for a moment. This is when I would normally call Steve, text Steve or just find him in the house to verify the answer first.

I answered Notre Dame, Ohio State and Michigan State.

I hope that you Michigan men and women will set the record straight if I answered incorrectly.


Laura Redmond said...

You did indeed- perfect answer!
former MMB member with Steve

Anonymous said...

You got it!

Mary in Michigan

Anonymous said...


You are doing GREAT! Perfect answer.

Lisa Taylor