Sunday, September 13, 2009

Steve's dad remembers

Steve's dad, Jim, spoke during the service Saturday.


Stephen Edmund Damm

On the behalf of our family, Thank You for being here to celebrate with us this precious life, of our son, Jim’s brother, Tyra’s husband, Cooper and Katie’s father. I trust that you have seen the focus of this memorial in the order of service and that the music selections have a recurrent theme. They are Steve’s wishes as to what he wanted to help us understand and learn from this day. The scripture that David just read:

He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

This passage embodies Steve.

Let me share some things that may be repeated throughout this memorial service, or perhaps we should say “memorial of service.”

Steve’s life was one which sometimes seemed incongruous. He often lived on the edge, but he excelled in his talents and love of art and writing. He could draw Bill the Cat better than the creator of that comic strip. His love of art is evident when you see the selection of art work in his home. Upon graduating from college, his first request of us was to buy him a piece of art, which he selected.

His poetry writing was very insightful. His prose was interesting, to say the least.

Steve learned the concept of service in a variety of ways. Many of his experiences we have learned of only this past week. He did not wear them on his sleeve. Instances were reported from time to time in the blog comments of helping people and doing things for others.

His commitment to his work, the creation of Physicians for Children which he considered his first baby, was an expression of service.

And, his service to his church made us proud.

Steve was always a friend. We can’t count the many comments that have been received from friends stating that point. Helping in time of need, listening when that was important. Steve was always there with no preconceived judgements, just a friend.

Steve’s life that we celebrate today could also be called a memorial of love. Love of family, love of fellow man, love of life. Steve and Tyra were made for each other. Tyra has been the stabilizing factor, the focus, for Steve. Most of you have seen that through your reading of the checkonsteve blog. You have seen Tyra’s view of her love for Steve and his for her, his commitment to Cooper and Katie, and his concern for others. Through his final days, Steve was so humble and concerned for those around him.

Friends, we know that you understood these things because of the many comments received from the blog.

No one could come away from "experiencing Steve" without having his or her life changed for the better.

with dignity, strength, determination, compassion, hope, faith, joy, anger, sorrow, and love.. always with love.. you have shared your life's trials..thank you for allowing me into your prayers as you continue your journey.

I'll remember how much he loved helping people.
Love never dies.

What a blessing Steve was to all of us.

Tyra, we all thank you for being able to put these things into beautiful words that have been shared with the world. Again comments from the blog show us that your readers understood these things. And I quote:

Your family's faith shines on in your words.

I've never met any of you, but I feel as though I know you all so well.

We could go on for hours with stories, shared experiences, but we won’t.
Steve, as you look down on us today, you know that you are loved, respected and thanked for a too short, but wonderful life. Your mother, your brother and I, your family, Tyra, Cooper and Katie, your extended family, those of us here and those who couldn’t be here, have known and have benefited from your life.

You are at peace, son.

The Damm family in the 1980s, North Muskegon, Mich.

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