Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Katie the caregiver

Katie returned to preschool yesterday, this year attending four days a week. She insists that she's actually ready for kindergarten, reasoning that she "acts like a 5-year-old." (She may have excellent verbal skills, but she definitely acts like a 4-year-old.)

This weekend our friends the Browns were visiting. Leslie and Stephen were in our bedroom talking with Steve when Katie walked in with Delaney and Melana.

"See it right there," she said, pointing to Steve's head. "That's his crazy eye." She spoke as if she were giving a museum tour.

Last week she told me that Daddy has the kind of cancer that gets better because "we're all helping him feel better." She loves to sit next to him in his bed for meals. And when he coughs, she runs over to pat his chest gently and say, "Take it easy, Daddy."

She starts soccer practice this week -- her first time to play on a team. Her only other participatory soccer experience has been the Kick the Damm Spot event early this summer. Because of that, she's insistent that every goal kicked during her soccer season "will be to help Daddy feel better."


jhuckaby said...

she's got a pretty remarkable role model!!

jhuckaby said...
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A Little Of This And That said...

What an adorable child.

Keeping you all in my prayers.

Chitnis and Chahal said...

She does have an excellent role model. She is an awesome kid. And so is Cooper, you are doing such a wonderful job with them even under the circumstances. Can we come and visit this weekend if Steve is up for it? I really wanted Rahul to meet Steve although he is afraid to bother him. Juhee would love to play with Katie. Please let me know. You can leave if you have errands to run after we come in and we can watch Steve and the children. Text or call.