Friday, November 4, 2016

48 Acts of Kindness (7)

Steve in Dallas:

Our friend Tom died a few weeks ago. Today, some friends and I cleared out his overgrown side yard for his wife.


Marcy in Carrollton:

Gift cards for Tess and Sutton's teachers. We love #dammkind day!


Sara in Frisco:

I bought lunch for some of our amazing Hosp office staff. :) Such a great way to honor Steve!


Mary in Bedford:

I brought two Sonic gift cards and two Acts of Kindness fliers to my neighborhood police station, with a note to the police chief asking him to give them to an officer who is having a hard day. I asked that the officer keep one flier/gift card and give the other to a citizen who is having a hard day. Also gave the Sonic carhop a fat tip.


Tracy in Frisco:

Salsa is our favorite family restaurant. There was a couple with their granddaughter having a blast at dinner. Family time is the best! 


Lauren in Frisco:

Gift cards for teachers and coaches today! One of the coaches said, "It makes you want to do something nice for someone else. Pay it forward!" Love it!❤️


Alyssa in Plano/Frisco:

One of the teachers who received a Sonic drink talked about acts of kindness with her students. She challenged them to plan acts of kindness through the weekend and report back on Monday! It's spreading!


Jana in Frisco:

Breakfast for Bledsoe, Pearson, and Kids R Kids teachers this morning. 


Madison in Lewisville/Frisco:

Coffee for the car behind me 


Suzanne in Frisco:

Snacks for the people who ease my pain. ❤️

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