Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chemotherapy on Wednesday

In just a few hours, Steve will begin receiving another dose of Damm Spot-killing chemotherapy and Avastin. Woo hoo!

Steve has had a few rough days of unsteadiness and left-side weakness. He almost fell to the floor this morning while getting ready for work. He's struggling with typing and other tasks that require both hands. His left foot is dropping when it shouldn't. His left leg is dragging more than usual. His voice is fading.

He has no fever, though, and his blood oxygen level was at 98 percent this morning. We like those good vital signs!

Dr. M's office advised yesterday that he increase his steroid dose from 5 mg to 6 mg. We're anxiously waiting for the extra milligram to make big changes in his symptoms.

We pray that the CPT-11 and Avastin dose on Wednesday will help his symptoms and that he experiences no bad side effects or debilitating fatigue.

We are thankful that he's been able to work around his treatments. Steve loves his job and his co-workers. He loves solving problems and making processes better. We know we are blessed that, even with brain cancer, he's able to continue his work and keep his mind active. We know we are blessed that his employers and co-workers have been so flexible with his treatments and appointments. Thank you, PFC and Children's!

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