Saturday, January 10, 2009

See Spot Run: Return of the team

Paul, Randy, Stuart, Tyra, Cooper, Kris, Holly, Liz, Steve, Lisa, Allison and Katie

Run for Steve cheerleaders Betty and Jim

A big group reunited this morning to Run for Steve at the Resolution Run in Addison.

What a tough group! The temperatures were in the low to mid-30s, and the winds were strong.

Many runners from White Rock returned: John W., Lisa and Stuart C., Sharon G., Randy L., Paul D., Allison E., me. Plus we picked up some new team members: Liz S., Kris B., Holly B., the rest of the Lasley family and Cooper! All of us except John ran the 5K; he tackled the 10K.

John (in gray), soon-to-be daddy to twins with Caren

Jim, Betty and Steve took care of Katie (who really wanted to run the race) while the rest of us ran the cold streets of Addison. The course's biggest challenge was running up and down and up and down again the Arapaho Bridge (the big, bright blue bridge that goes over Midway).

Cooper ran with Allison and me. He did really well. He started strong, running far ahead of us, running backward, wiggling all over. He settled in to a manageable pace and then started to slow down. We encouraged him with cheers and held his hand or arm when he asked.

When we were almost finished and he saw the finish line, he started sprinted and finished strong (just under 39 minutes) and with a smile on his face. Steve and I are so proud of our sweet 7-year-old boy.

Cooper, just as he finishes his first 5K

The race celebration included a bounce house, pizza and live music. We Damms stayed until the awards ceremony to watch Sharon claim her trophy for second place in her age division. Then she kindly gave her trophy to Cooper.

Sharon and Cooper

We love that so many friends are continuing to Run for Steve. It's never to late to join us! We'll choose our next race soon. We'd love for even more folks to walk or run a 5K in honor of Steve. See Spot Run!


Anonymous said...

That is so cool that Cooper ran. I'm sure it makes him feel good to be doing something tangible to honor his dad. Awesome.

Mary Stahl

Laura said...

Way to go, Cooper! Such a big achievement for such a young boy. He should be VERY proud!

jhuckaby said...

Awesome, Cooper!!! That is sooo cool!
Congratulations!! all of you!


jhuckaby said...

Awesome, Cooper!!! That is sooo cool!
Congratulations!! all of you!