Friday, January 16, 2009


Steve's left arm is doing better today than it has in more than a week. He has more movement and a faster response time. It's not 100 percent yet, but he is able to lift his arm above his head, something he couldn't do last night at dinner.

He expects he'll be able to type better and faster at work today.

His left foot is still dropping and his knee is still locking, but we're hopeful that those symptoms will start to improve soon, too.


Yesterday I attended a parenting class at a friend's church. The class was taught by Judy Wimberley, mom of one of my junior high and high school friends, Jenna. I hadn't seen Judy since I was a teenager. (In fact, our 20-year high school reunion will be sometime this year!)

She suggested creative, simple ways to teach young children convictions -- songs, puppets, felt boards, journals. I learned so much from her in less than two hours.

She told us that when her husband James was traveling, he'd write notes for the four kids on a dry-erase board.

I love that idea, so yesterday I bought and installed (with help from Steve and Greg, as I'm not all that handy with power tools) a board in our back hallway.

Steve doodled our family for the kids to enjoy before he left for work today.


Chrys said...

Y'all are so awesome. I love that you went straight home and started implementing ideas we learned!

I'm so glad we're friends.


DogBlogger said...

What cool news! Hooray!

Melissa said...

So happy that you saw Judy and a little bit jealous too! I'll have to come up for one of her future talks.

Anonymous said...

Looks like and sounds like a GOAL!!!!! to me. Yea!!!

Sally S.