Sunday, January 25, 2009

Health care

Steve was interviewed by Pastor Andy during both church services this morning. The day's theme was health care.

The interview was not about Steve's cancer-related care but about the care provided by Physicians for Children (PFC).

Almost nine years ago, Steve was hired by Children's Medical Center Dallas to help start a Dallas County pediatric clinic.

The clinic provides a stable medical home for children who would otherwise likely go to the emergency room for basic needs. Most of the patients have Medicaid or have insurance through Children's Health Insurance Program. Most of the patients come from Spanish-speaking families.

Steve helped set up the Bachman Lake-area clinic, and now there are four locations. Children who go to these practices are treated with the same respect and care that Katie and Cooper receive at our private pediatric practice. A PFC patient sees the same doctor each time, providing continuity of care and allowing the family and doctor to establish a relationship.

The children receive preventive care, and the families receive health education. And there are fewer patients with non-emergency needs in the emergency room.

Steve loves that he has a small role in making life better for children.


Steve seems to have successfully dodged strep this week. Yay! (Cooper seems 100 percent better than Monday; Katie has a nagging cough; I have a cold. It's just that time of the year.)

His left-side sluggishness has waxed and waned all week. We look forward to Wednesday, his next infusion of chemotherapy.

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