Thursday, January 29, 2009

No trouble

Steve has responded well to today's chemotherapy cocktail. He's had no unpleasant side effects and even made it through the afternoon without a nap! (I can't say the same for me. This cold still troubles me; I took a tiny nap while Katie was sleeping and Cooper was on a walk with the Dubes.)

He is unsteady on his feet, but sadly that's not an unusual symptom these days. This morning Katie asked, "Daddy, why are you so wibbly wobbly?" She asks these kinds of questions frequently and often blames everything on his "crazy eye" -- his right eye that doesn't track with the left.

Mary M.T. brought dinner tonight and stayed with us for a couple of hours. Cooper read a couple of Click, Clack, Moo books aloud to her, and Katie performed some of her newly acquired dance skills (she's taking Delicate Dancers at the athletic center).

Steve is settling in for what we hope is a good, long sleep. The high dose of Decadron keeps him awake at night and wakes him up at odd hours. He's getting by on about four hours of sleep a night but longs for more.

Sweet dreams to you all!

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The Mellow/Stock family is always thinking of you, as we think of Karen too. We wish that every day is a day closer to the return of good health. We keep up on this wonderful site that Tyra updates us on. All our best to your family and Mom and Dad, Betty and Jim.