Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Officially off the road

Steve hasn't driven since December 2007.

At first we were just worried about what could happen. The Damm Spot hadn't yet been diagnosed as a tumor, and we didn't know what symptoms might develop daily.

Then his right eye stopped tracking horizontally with the left, and he developed double vision. Even after that was corrected with the prism in the lens of his right eye, his vision wasn't good enough for driving. And there is always a small risk of seizure.

So, with the help of many of you, Steve has been chauffeured all over North Texas and beyond for almost 13 months.

We have been paying for car insurance for him, though, as he couldn't be removed from our policy until he surrendered his driver's license. That happened today.

I think I was more emotional about giving up the license than Steve was. He's been mentally preparing for the moment for months. I've been looking forward to the cost savings, but while we were standing in line, I was saddened by the symbolism of what we were doing. (I was also amused by the conversations surrounding us. The DPS office offers excellent people-watching.)

Giving up a driver's license for an identification card isn't permanent, though. If he's healthy enough to start driving again in the next 24 months, Steve can just reapply. If we need more time, he'll need to take a written and driving test.

In the meantime, I continue to save a little money each month for a new car. Steve loves dreaming about what car he'll drive when he's able.

Steve this morning, before applying for an ID card

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