Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MRI on Thursday

Thursday morning we'll get Cooper to school, Katie to preschool and then head to UT-SW for Steve's MRI.

The appointment is at 11 a.m. After imaging, he'll go to the lab to have blood drawn. Then we'll wait to see Dr. M, who will review the results of the scan.

We're looking for shrinkage!

Steve has returned to a wobbly state the past two days. His left hand is functional, but it's not as strong as it was last week. His gait is a little off (more than usual), and his left foot drops when it shouldn't.

Our prayer is that these symptoms are signs that last week's chemo killed tumor cells, and those dead cells are expanding a little and causing the trouble.

Thank you for your prayers this week as we face another important moment in Steve's journey!


Laura said...

We will all be praying especially hard for good news tomorrow. OUT DAMM SPOT!!!!!!!! Good luck my friend. :)


Natalie Willis said...

Lots of prayers and anxiously awaiting word.