Saturday, March 21, 2009

After the fall

Steve fell in the bathroom about 5 a.m. today. He is OK, but he was understandably rattled.

The noise woke me up right away, and I found him on the tile floor. There was blood coming from his left leg -- a small cut across his shin, the part that is all skin and bones.

I applied pressure with a cloth for a while and then wrapped the cloth with a stretchy bandage (later I cleaned the wound and used two Hello Kitty Band-Aids, chosen by Cooper). Then we worked together to plan and execute his rise from the floor.

We eventually were settled and asleep by 5:45 or so. Then Cooper and Katie were in our room by 6:15, but that's another story. (Short version is that Katie took Benadryl for the first time last night, and it makes her loopy, not sleepy.)

Steve thinks that a sharp pain in his left foot caused him to fall. There is one spot that is particularly raw, and when he steps on a hard surface, the pain is shocking.

He'll need to wear slippers or shoes all the time, until those spots heal.

He spent all day at home, to rest for dinner tonight to celebrate Jim's 70th birthday! Steve, Cooper, Katie and I, and Jim, Betty and Uncle Jim enjoyed a lovely dinner at Jasper's in Plano. We came back to our house for gifts and sunshine cake. Then we put the kids to bed -- Katie sans Benadryl.

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Sweetest Whimsy said...

So sorry that happened, Steve. We are thinking about you always. :)